Best Internet Providers in Forest Hills

Best Internet Providers in Forest Hills

The neighborhood of Forest Hills is fortunate, not only for its stunning old-world vibe, but for its enviable range of internet options. On average, this charming little suburb rockets past the rest of the U.S. with 50% faster connections across the board. So, whether you prefer basic DSL or cable, or want a blazing-fast brand new fiber line, virtually everyone can find just what they need. Here we provide a comprehensive peek into the top providers covering Forest Hills, and what they offer.




Once the darling of those who wanted to go beyond the sluggish crawl of dial-up, DSL these days is typically one of the slower, and cheaper, lines available. This doesn’t mean it’s not a viable option; in fact many users find DSL fits right in with what they need. If you do little else than check email, linger around social media, or surf the web, DSL lines are a nice, cheap route to go.


In Forest Hills, the top DSL providers include Verizon and MegaPath. Verizon’s DSL internet offers up to 15 mbps download speed, with users reporting an average speed of around 5 mbps. While Verizon’s service caters to both home and business, MegaPath tends to focus on the business market. MegaPath offers two types of business-class DSL: regular DSL and Dedicated ADSL. Plain DSL from MegaPath averages around 12 mbps download, while dedicated ADSL line runs up to 20 mbps.




The next step up from DSL is cable. Cable internet speeds are typically twice the download speed of DSL. This is the type of line that can run video streaming and online gaming smoothly, most of the time anyway. If you don’t mind occasional slowdown during peak hours, cable is a good option. These lines typically run in the middle price range.


The top cable internet providers in Forest Hills are Time Warner and RCN. Both average between 30-50 mbps, with comparable pricing. RCN sometimes runs cheaper, though that may be because they do not cover the entire area of Forest Hills. Conversely, Time Warner offers nearly 100% coverage, though it may be $5-$10 more expensive.




Fiber-optic internet is the new kid shaking up the industry. Fiber is the top-of-the-line internet for those who have their entire lives tied to the net. It has the juice to power HD streaming, seamless gaming, and elite servers. Most of the country doesn’t even have fiber lines installed. Luckily, Forest Hills does.


Verizon’s FiOS service has the widest coverage in this area by a huge margin. In fact, Verizon is right now the only provider offering home fiber service, while competitors like Lightpath only connect businesses. FiOS in Forest Hills averages nearly 50 mbps.  Of course, this means fiber costs more than cable, but the expense may be worth it to avoid the downtime and slowdown associated with shared lines.